Oktoberfest, wheat beer, and soccer are just three of the many things that make Munich, the third largest city in Germany, renowned all over the world. The Bavarian capital with around 1.5 million residents is now among the German Federal Republic’s most important high-tech locations. Munich is especially popular for its unique architectural and cultural scene. This is why it is not a big surprise that every year, more and more tourists flock to the city to see the historic buildings and lush green areas it is best known for.

This 2019, there are several key events that tourists can attend in Munich.

  • February

The month of February will have two events, namely the Fasching Carnival and the Munich Fashion Week.

  • March

Starkbierzeit or the strong beer season gives serious beer drinkers a fresh cop that will tide them over until the Oktoberfest comes.

  • April and May

Auer Dult and Corpus Christi Street Processions are the two events that you shouldn’t miss on the months of April and May while you are in Munich.

  • June

Munich Film Festival and Tollwood, the summer music festival, are events that up the excitement in the city during the month of June.

  • July

July is the month for the Opera Festival and Munich Summer of Music, the Christopher Street Day, and Auer Dult.

  • August

The Olympiapark Sommerfest will be held on August.

  • September

September marks the start of the greatest beer festival of the world that runs through the first Sunday of October.

  • October

Auer Dult is also held during October.

  • November

Christkindlmarkt traditionally runs from the later part of November through Christmas Eve.

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